Louisiana based actress and teaching artist. 

Current MFA candidate at Louisiana State University.

BFA in Acting from New York University. 

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See Erica as Krista in Airline Highway
at Swine Palace.




“Jerusalem” — with its authentic performances from a collection of young actors and some well-cast vets — is very strong indeed.
— Lisa Kennedy, The Denver Post
...sweet, but hovering, mom Genevra (an excellent Erica Fox)
— Sonya Ellingbow, Centennial Citizen
Erica Fox is completely convincing as Genevra, veering between meekness and murderously out-of-control rage
— Juliet Wittman, Westword
Erica Fox is sultry and sexy as Lady Caroline, but reveals a deeper pain
— Craig Williamson, North Denver Tribune
Fox is heartbreakingly flawed as Alice
— Adam Goldstein, Aurora Sentinel


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